stock count scenario


i would like to ask is it possible to setup the stock count for below scenario?

i have item A, i setup the warehouse item = MW warehouse

Item A only have inventory transaction in MW warehouse and the last inventory trx date is in 19 Feb2014, Do NOT have trx in March.

i have item B, i setup the warehouse item = GW warehouse. Item B only have inventory transaction in GW warehouse and the last trx date is in March 2014.

I have perform a stock counting in 28 Feb month for warehouse = MW and the counting journal is Okay, which mean i posted the counting record for Item A. It still have on hand on 50 pcs.

I create a stock count journal (by warehouse) via Lines> Create> Item.


  1. Physical inventory = TICK

  2. Not counted since = Blank

  3. Warehouse = MW

Now i want to perform stock count for 31 March, using the same parameter above, AX does not generate the counting record for item A due to no inventory transaction in march. What is the parameter change in order for AX to generate item A in the March counting? Kindly advice.


If there has not been a single transaction it never will, it sees it as a waste of time counting it because clearly there can be nothing other than zero. Why would you want to count something you have never had ever? If you had brought it in and moved it out it would be there.