Steel fabrication management

Hi All,

I’m working on new Nav project , it’s steel fabrication (cutting welding and painting). the first problem i faced is how to manage cutting process : Cutting bars or Plates to many parts .

To solve the problem i’m thinking to create each part as items (Big number of parts) then create for each cutting operation a production order that has as input bars and toles and as output Parts

Welding process : Create an assemby itrem wich compesed of those parts .

Is that the best way to manage this?

Tahnks all;

I would say use the manufacturing module. Assembly items are not enough for what you are going to do. Unless operations (time) doesn’t matter.

do you mean Navision manufacturing module?

Yes - that’s made for just that! :slight_smile:


But any thing to say about creating parts as items , is it a good or bad idea ? speacially that every projects has over 100 parts

In the production system you have items, who have bill-of-materials. And the BOM again holds the “parts”, where the parts are Item.

So that is “the way” to do it. And the parts, could again have their own BOM, again consisting of parts (items).

But a little warning also. Using the manufacturing module does require that you’re are fully familiar with the module, as it is one of the most complex in NAV. It’s a big project just to implement this module.

Ok thanks Erik

I used the manufucting module to handle otheres kind of products .

But steel items seems to be special . that’s why i would to share it with every body to have mabe a better idea.

Thanks again

Why would steel be any different than other products?

i faced many problems to manage steel fabrication!!

one of them ; is it better to use Bar of 12 Metres as base unit of mesure or kilogramme.?

I would say that your UOM should match your BOM. So if you in the BOM needs to specify KG, then use KG. If you specify a number of 12 meter bars, then use that.

as i understand the different parts varify only in a few properties. so i think best would be to define only few items, but add a couple of properties to table item: width, height, thickness, material, usage, color, and so on. you could also define some raw items (raw material), which are then the base for the used items. cutting, welding, painting are operations in routings. combined (base) items are managed using assembly Boms. in production orders you use als production BOMs.

is your question answered ? if yes, please verify.