Status: One week after the upgrade

Dear member,

It’s now more than week ago we upgraded our website from our old 2008 version into the new 2016 version of our platform.
Except for a single episode Tuesday, where the site went down for 2-3 hours, due to a database issue, then we have been online all the time. So that’s good.

I still have a list of “issues” that I’m going to look at. Most of them are “behind the scene”, while others are quite visible.

Here is a list of the issues I’m currently working on:

  • Blog layout - still working on a description how to “customize” our hosted blogs. If there’s anyone of our members who have any experience with Telligent Community Server 7 and up, and you could spare some time helping get this part done, then that would be very appreciated by all of us.
  • Edit forum tags - inline tag function for moderators to add/change forum tags, without actually editing the post. Editing the posts the “normal” way, triggers an event, which again creates an activity update (to the activity streams/walls).
  • Performance tuning. Although the performance currently is fine, then it’s easy to see that the new version pulls a lot more juice out of the server. At least there is now a lot of different ways to make it go even faster. For now I’m just focusing on the low hanging fruits.
  • General layout adjustments, which means going over the individual pages around the site. See what works and what doesn’t. Please let me know if there is something you think doesn’t work well, or could be improved. Then I’ll look at it.

All these rather “technical” issues, may not overshadow the fact that the site we now has is way better suited to meet the “demand” from our members to the website, which is that the resources available are easy to find.

Over the next days and weeks, you will also see more changes to the different areas of DUG. I will post a separate announcement of the biggest. Others you’ll hopefully not even notice.

Thanx for the update, Erik. And of course also for your ongoing dedication.

great job! working with the new version is easier and more comfortable.
i only miss the opportunity to directly verify posts.

Please remove color coding in thread discussions such as green,rose. Keep it black & white. & also annoying with more advertisements.

Thank you for your reply Krishna. It’s funny you say more advertisements. Because there is actually less advertising, than on the old site. But you’re right, somehow they are more visible now, when everything else is so “clean”.

I’m semi-colorblind my self - so not really a big fan of the color coding ether. So I was planning to make it easier to see the status, without the different colors. Not going to make it black and white only thought. Love colors, I just mix a few of them up.

Well. I mean it would be better if you change layout such as AX Community forum as I experience looking clumsy. It won’t matter with Black & white, whatever it may be which makes look fine.
And probably it may take time to adopt new site experience.