STATUS change NEW to CERTIFIED does not succeed

Attain 3.10A w/ Manufacturing When selecting the STATUS of a Production BOM from NEW to CERTIFIED with BOMs containing a huge number of BOM lines (no links inside the list) the system seems to hang, i.e. the Windows OS freezes. I waited for about 4 hrs, so I think Attain had enough time to finish any processes. The actual lines number of this “extraordinary” list is 750 items. I know that with regular BOMs containing about 200 items everything is OK and the status change terminates successfully after about 8 to 10 minutes. However, executing the same with the “huge” list fails, though - in theory - the status change should be finished after 40 minutes or so (if simple multiplication using the item number ratio of 4 is permissible). Anyone experienced the same behaviour? Or is there an upper limit for BOM lines? Thanks Klaus

Hi, You should try to uncheck Dinamic Low Level Code in the Manufacturing Setup. In this case system will not run any code when you Certify BOM. If you use planning worksheets you have to run Calculate Low Level Code batch job (Manufacturing->Periodc Activities). I think it will be faster.

Thanks for the note. Manually starting the low levels calculation from “Periodic Activities” will indeed successfully finish within 30 secs or so. However, this is just a workaround for “low levelling”. So I suppose there must be some other activities within Attain when going from NEW to CERTIFIED with active dynamic low level code. I’d even find out what (debugger on), if only the OS would not freeze… In other words: Perhaps there is another user on this list, who could inform me about his/her switching from NEW to CERTIFIED with huge BOM’s and active dynamic low level code. And best of all would be the accompanying note: “Everything works well”. In this case my BOM is supposed to be faulty… Or may be there is someone who can point me to an official factsheet or statement from NAVISION, saying something like “BOM’s with more than 500 items or so are no problem at all. Attain can handle it.” Klaus

Hi Klaus I have read the public requests of Navision and one log read for 3.6 read


Low performance at “Calc. Consumption” and at the changing of the status to certified by Production BOM Versions-Both of this functions need an extrem amount of time and block the whole system for other users. A similar behavior as by the request IT-147-258-MHNJ. We need fast help. Many thanks in advance.

The answer from Navision points them to another log, unfortunately this lofg is in German, and I cannot speak the language, however I note your country stated is Germany so you probably will [:D] Here is the request response explanation:


Diese Fehlermeldung kommt eigendlich immer dann wenn der Befehl LOCKTABLE mit dem Parameter False ausgeführt wird. Ich habe die Ereignismeldung durchgeführt und den Client Monitor und CodeCoverage mitlaufen lassen. Dabei habe ich sehr schnell die Stelle gefunden in der die Tabelle Planungszuweisung gelockt wird. Allerdings nicht mit dem Parameter False. Siehe Code in Tabell 99000850: AssignOne(ItemNo : Code[20];VariantCode : Code[10];LocationCode : Code[10];UpdateDate : Date) LOCKTABLE; “Item No.” := ItemNo; “Variant Code” := VariantCode; “Location Code” := LocationCode; IF FIND THEN BEGIN VALIDATE(“Net Change Planning”,TRUE); IF UpdateDate > “Latest Date” THEN “Latest Date” := UpdateDate; MODIFY; END ELSE BEGIN INIT; VALIDATE(“Net Change Planning”,TRUE); “Latest Date” := UpdateDate; INSERT; END Welche Version hat Ihre Tabelle 99000850. Können Sie den Code mal mit meinem Code vergleichen? Bitte führen Sie noch folgenden test durch: Starten Sie bitte den Code Coverage und schließend die Ereignismeldung. Lesen Sie die Objekte ein und starten Sie die Form Code Coverage aus dem Objekt Designer. Hier haben Sie die Möglichkeit den Befehl Locktable(FALSE) zu suchen. Finden Sie eine Programmzeile? Grundsätzlich ist Attaiun an dieser Stelle mehr-user-fähig, deswegen benötige ich die oben angeführten Informationen von Ihnen um Ihnen weiter helfen zu können. mfg Ralf Riethmüller 060802: Es könnte auch durch ein Deadlock erhorgerufen werden. Bitte überprüfen Sie was der User XXX macht und untersuchen Sie die Transaktion des USers XXX und die des Users mit der Fehlermeldung auf Deadlocks. Hierzu können Sie die Tools auf der Attain 3.10. Tools CD nutzen: Performance Trouble Shooting Guide. Dort finden Sie ein Tool um mehrere Transaktionen auf Deadlocks zu untersuchen. Lesen Sie die Anweisungen im pdf-File nach. Sie können mir das Ergebnis der Form Potential Deadlocks bzw. die Datensätze aus der Form Client Monitor auch zusenden. Dann können wir es gemeinsam überprüfen. Bitte erstellen Sie Ihre Antwort in Zukunft in dem Sie auf WAITING FOR RESPONSE klicken und die Antwort in das Feld Description schreiben (an das Ende setzen) und klicken Sie SUBMIT. Danke RR 080103: Close because no response-

I do like the last line [}:)] I hope this helps.

Just a brief intermediate status description: First: Thank you Steven (and all others of course) for the work you did. However, I personally did not check it so far due to other more urgent tasks. Second: I transferred the hints you gave to our NSC for comment and they told me, that they think it is some kind of bug. At least they did not offer any viable solution with “dynamic low level calculation” selected to “on”. So I will go on with “dynamic low level calculation” selected to “off” and every time I’m about to do a net requirements calculation I will have to start the “dynamic low level calculation” manually (and this works much faster as far as I can judge it. But may be there are some other (perhaps important? I don’t know) routines in the background when “dynamic low level calculation” is selected to “on” so it get slower due to this). Not really satisfying but I will give it a try until NAVISION or our NSC will offer the BIG solution or any kind of official statement… Best wishes Klaus

Another “nice” thing on navision… if you copy the database with the huge BOM to your local machine and you open the database locally instead of on a server mode, the speed increase when certifying the BOM is HUGE!!! (a customer of us was having also delays of about 10 minutes when certifying through the server/client connection and it was almost instant when doing it locally…) Regards

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