Static plan and Dynamic plan


In Dynamics AX 2009, is it necessary the Dynamics plan needs to be unique? Can it be the same plan as the static plan?


Yes it can be the same, but it means the master is not static, so when you start planning on it in the morning it can move depending upon orders entered etc.

Adam, can you please point me to some link or doc which will explain the static and dynamic plans practically…like how to set it up and how to run it.

I didnt’ the clear explanation in Master planning manuals…

I am not aware of any document.

Basically you will have a planner, they really need to plan from a static point to enable them to consider all related implications, so this is the static plan - you can imagine if it was constantly moving they order one thing and then they order it again. The idea is the ordering takes place in a fixed window and the settings of planning cover inconsistencies of orders being brought in within the time fence.

However end users may need an up to the minute view and the dynamic plan will include requirements loaded since the last static plan.