Standard General Journal

I am new in DynamicsNAV.I am using NAV 2009.I got some services below:


http://localhost:7047/DynamicsNAV/WS/Co … urnalEntry


I Need to post values to Standard General Journal and Standard General Journal line
which service need to use.How can Add new service.Please help.

I Got the Solution

Registering the Web Service

After the codeunit is created and saved, register and publish it using the RoleTailored client.

To register and publish the Web service

  1. Open the RoleTailored client and connect to the CRONUS International Ltd. demonstration company.

  2. In the navigation pane, click Departments, click Administration, click IT Administration, click General, and then click Web Services.

  3. In the Web Services page, click New.

  4. In the Object Type column select Codeunit, and then enter 50000 in the Object ID column ID and Letters in the Service Name column.

  5. Click to select the field in the Published column.

  6. Click OK to close the New - Web Services page.