Standard customers and vendors


I know you can set up a customer and/or vendor and then use that vendor as a “standard” customer/vendor. But where do I specify that?



First of All What is Standard ???

You can define customer in Customer Master and Vendor in Vendor Master.

What I mean by standard is a template. So what our consultant did before was naming a Customer and Vendor “standard” (and by naming I mean write in the no. field). Then these customer and vendor cards are filled out and then somewhere (and this is the function I am looking for) you could say that every time you open a new customer and vendor card, those values (posting group, payment terms, etc etc) that were filled in were populated automatically.

Amol - when you say customer (and vendor) master, what do you mean. It would be great if you could refer to things that I could search for in the search box because otherwise I might not be able to find it (sorry but this is the beginner’s forum).

Thanks for your help out there.


If you are using RTC then just type Customer in Search option

If you are using classic then go to Financial Management–> Receivables–>Customers.

Actually there is one . ( wouldn’t check it if you don’t ask… )

  1. Find Administration > Application > Company Setup > Setup Master Templates.

For Customer , put 18 in Table No.

Select Field and Default Value.

  1. Go back to Customer Card, create new,

Use Function > Apply Template, you will find your Template just created and will apply the default value once you click OK.

Hi Magnus,

You can setup the standard or Customer Template from Application Setup → Sales & Marketing → Customer Template. The template is primary used in connection with the NAV CRM system to fill in standard information when create a customer from a lead/contact.

There is no such thing as a standard Vendor template.

Instead you have the option of using the “Setup Master Templates” which can be used for all table types (under Application Setup → General → Setup Master Templates). These Data Templates can be used both to specify default values to fields but also to specify if some fields are mandatory.

Hi all,

Thank you for all the help and feedback, I must say all of you out there are so great for helping us newbies. Met with my parter yesterday and I guess the functionality I was referring to is not standard but something they have built for the Swedish market. So I am sure all of you gave great advice (I have used Erik’s answer as the solution, but I think all of you gave great solutions), but my question was Sweden specific, and sorry for not knowing that and causing a bit of confusion.

All the best,