Standard cost rollup not including manually entered costs


We are using standard cost in AX2009 and using costing versions to rollup costs periodically.

We have a Bom at Level 0, a subbom and level 1, another subbom at level 2 and items at level 3.

The subbom at level 2 is usually purchased, so we want to add a manual standard cost at this level which we can do by accessing item details - price button and entering a manual line on the pending tab.

If we then rollup costs for level 1, the costs are rolled up correctly. However, if we then try to rollup the top level item at level 0, the complete calculation breakdown (accessed from the complete button on the pending costs tab detailed above) doesn’t reconcile as the level 2 materials do not include the purchased subbom.

Has anyone else experienced this kind of issue or have any pointers on what could be done to rectify. For reference, I have removed the manually entered cost price and rolled up and this works ok.

Many Thanks

Is it activated?

What is the cost on the leve; 2 item record price/discoubt tab?

Thanks for your reply.

We get the same results whether the cost is activated or not, but it is currently activated. The price on the level 2 item record is the last activated cost, which is currently a manually entered value.

Check the calculation box on the BOM line and check the calculation group.


I have created a calculation group and added this to Level 2. The calculation group has Stop Explosion checked, I have recalculated each level and see the same result.

I have also checked the lines and these are all set to Item and the calculation box is ticked.

it does seem like the stop explosion box is what we need, but it didn’t seem to do anything - maybe i’m missing somethying with this?

Thanks again

The stop explosion means it will not drill down lower levels to recalculate - you need to have this not checked.

Do I not need it checked for the level 2 purchased Bom?

I would start by having it not checked at any level and then running the cost calculation from the lowest level up.

Thanks again for your reply. This was unticked for all levels when the problem originally occured.

I would run it at level 2, get a cost into the costing version through this and then run at level 2 and check it goes into level 1 and then level 0.

HI Adam, I believe this was due to a modification which has now been fixed. The case can be archived. Thanks for your assistance


According to Standard cost principle, the cost rollup is limited to level 1, it will not consider the other levels. This is a standard procedure given by microsoft. even in the BOM calculation, once the standard cost costing version is selected, the BOM level is greyed out not giving an option to select multi level cost rollup.