Stack trace error


LogisticsEntityPostalAddressFormHandler object not initialised.

Stack trace

(C)\Forms\TaxInfoManagementIN\Data Sources\TaxInformation_IN\Fields\ManECCRegistrationNumberTable\Methods\lookupReference - line 5

Can anyone help me on this.

Note: There is no customization involved in this.

It would be difficult to say what could be the problem by looking at the error in your case.

Some how the the code is unable to create the object for LogisticsEntityPostalAddressFormHandler , without creating an object it is trying to access its members

You should be able to debug and can able to add more details here.

Hi Kranthi,

thanks for the reply.

It’s a AX 2012 R3 and no customizations involved in this.

Will you be able to debug and tell us more details?

and also by doing what action you are getting this error?


Inventory Mgnt->Journals->Movement->Lines(button)->TaxInformation(Tab)-> Tax Information(field)->Right Click ->View Details->Manage Tax Information(form)-> Under Excise group->Manufacture ECC Number-> while clicking Lookup the error is coming.

Even i get the same error, Looks like a BUG.

The caller in is this case is a formReferenceObject and LogisticsEntityPostalAddressFormHandler class is initiated only when the caller is a formRun object. This is resulting the stack trace error.


Did u find any solution for this issue?

This is a BUG, problem with the standard code. You can raise this issue to Microsoft to get an official hotfix.