SSRS Reports sample


Does any body has any idea on SSRS Report Data Provider (RDP) Classes. Is there any doc/pdf for SSRS exclusively for AX 2012 With complex reports please share. Required urgently.

Thank you

If you look on youtube for ‘Dynamics AX 2012 reports’ there are some tutorial videos.

I am sure there is a Dynamics AX 2012 Cook Book and Development Introduction book - these may cover reporting.

Hi Santosh,

RDP class is a class that processes the data for the Reporting Services report. Just like we have query to get the ‘data’ for our report, from AX 2012, there is a class known as RDP class which gets data for our report. In other way query is a simple way to fetch data as compared to a RDP class and the latter is used only in case of complex situations.

You can get a lot on internet to help you. Foll links will be helpful:

Hope it helps.


Hi Preeti,

Thank you… the tutorial is good and simple for the learner.

Hi William,

There are many videos in Youtube. and I tnk its better to watch @ free time.I just saw the couple of videos. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

No problem happy to help [:)]