SSRS reporting in AX2012

Hi everyone,

I have two instance in one system.I have installed (two) reporting services for each instance.When i run the report from any instance system is showing the first instance data.

I have few queries in this scenario.

1)Can we have one reporting services for multiple instance installed in one system.

2)How to configure the multiple reporting services for multiple instance installed in same system.

Please share the document for installing and configuring the reporting services.


here is the description from Microsoft on how to configure several SSRS instances running on the same machine to connect to different AX 2012 AOS instances:

I have used this approach on a number of different AX 2012 installations… it didn’t work only in cases where I made a mistake myself [:D]

There are 3 important things from that procedure which I would like to emphasize:

  1. you will have to save the AX client configuration file (.AXC file with updated WCF config - file should be around ~80kB) into SSRS bin folder

  1. you will have to modify the SSRS instance configuration files:

  1. Restart the SSRS instance… and… if you’ve done everything right, it should work.