SSRS Report

Hi All,

Am working on the SSRS report in that i have some problem .based on my requirement .

how to define the fixed length got the row group in table ?

please help me to share the SSRS report design document and table expression in .

please help on this…

thanks in advance .

I’m sorry, but I have no idea what you mean by “the fixed length got the row group in table”? Could you elaborate it a little bit, please?

And which version of AX do you use?


thanks for replay …

I have a report of 8.5"(W) by 11"(H).The header and footer size are fixed.
The header size is 4.75 in and footer size is 2.375in.
In the report body I have a table where the data is dynamic.
The problem is when the data is small i mean like 2 or 3 columns it doesnt touch the footer .
If we have more than 10 columns or so it goes to the next page and even then it doesnt touch the footer beacuse the data stops there.
If we have like 4 columns or so in the table then it touches the footer.
I tried to replace the table with the list but I got the same problem there also.
I tried to place the table in a rectangle and it has the same problem.
I want the table to touch the footer no matter how much the data is .
Is there any work around for this problem…

You mean that the page footer is always at the bottom of the page? Well, that’s why it’s a footer.

If you mean something else, please give us your definition of “to touch the footer”.

By the way, you still didn’t tell us whether your question if about AX 2009 or AX 2012.

Am using ax 2012 R3 …

The table to touch the footer .footer always in button only that OK …

if table have very less record it will be in display in report top it will not touch the page footer

That a page footer is displayed on the bottom of the page (for page-based renderers) is the expected behavior. It’s what page footers are for.

So your question is, the table in the body section should touch the Page footer if am not wrong.

What are the other controls used in the Body section other than the table? any static textboxes?

In the report design, make sure that there is no space between the table in body and Page footer. And also check the body height and footer height properties.

If there are few records, there would be empty space between the table and Page footer because page footer is always at the bottom of the page. Header and page Footer are fixed in the report as Martin mentioned in the earlier reply.