SSRS Report =Parameters!IdentificationText.Value Is missing value on report footer


I modified and created a new design for purchase agreement, added Parameters!IdentificationText.Value on the footer but its empty and doesnt display company and vat information

SSRS Report =Parameters!IdentificationText.Value Is missing value on report footer

What do i do for it to have data that other reports in standard has ?

Do you ever set company and vat information to the parameter?

no i dont know how, how its done and where do i get from for it ? how do i set the Parameters!IdentificationTex and where is the company data for it ?

If you never fill it in, no wonder it’s always empty.

Parameters are created automatically from report data contract and you can fill them through the contract class. If you created the parameter manually, please delete it and modify the contract class in AX instead.

Company data is in AX database. If you’re struggling with finding a particular piece of information, we might be able to help if you tell us what it is.

I understand but this parameter already for example exists on Purchase Order Report - IdentificationText its called, i cant see this parameter on the contract class of PurchPurchaseOrder contract class (PurchPurchaseOrderContract) but the parameter has value in it always, so my question where is this parameter getting value from and how its assigned on standard reports in such cases i just described ? its having VAT number, bottom text and company information in standard reports

Aha, this is what you mean. It would have helped if you explained your situation at the beginning.

The value is coming from print management - follow this documentation page to set it up: Set up footer text for documents.

footer text is empty there and if i change it - it still shows the same footer data from before from IdentificatioText parameter

Its empty there for the report - print management does affect this footer, and if i change it to my own string, it still shows the IdentificationText from before, in the bottom i added an image for PurchPorchaseOrder report, it shows vat number, company address and some legal data

It works correctly for me. Maybe the problem is in how you’re testing it.