SSRS Report Image


I have done a report using ssrs in ax2009, VS2008.

Now i want to add a image on the header, so can you help with it??

What is the procedure to use logo in it???

Where to place the image(location), How to retrieve the image???

You need to bring the image into the VS2008 project as an embedded image.

Create a new image box on the report section then in properties select your new embedded image.

Thanks for you reply,

I have added the image in VS 2008 under the image node (as my local machine path is mentioned).

In my design i have added the image as logo and i am getting o/p fine.

My doubt is as the image is on my local machine when it is deployed to other machine than will it retrieve the image???

can anyone clarify this…

When you deploy the solution the images are deployed with it - hence the image being ‘embedded’

Thanks a lot!!!