SSRS Report for RDP Proces in ax2012

Hi Friends,

I am working on PurchPurchaseOrder report and I am facing following few issues when working on this.

  1. If I am creating new design in existing SSRS report then it is picking only the previous design, after compilation and AOS restart.

  2. If I am creating new report with RDP(Report Data Provider) just like the std SSRS report(PurchPurchaseOrder) then data is not coming on the report. If in visual studio only display report structure only.

Please suggest on this if you have any idea …


  1. How do you call that report? The call of an SSRS report is always associated with a design as well. If you call it from code (like RDP classes), you have to modify the code where it is being defined which report is to be called (let’s say “SALESINVOICE.DESIGN1”). If it is a report that has no associated classes and it is being called directly from a display menu item, then you have to choose your report design as a parameter option on the menu item.

  2. The other problem you have - well, there might be 100 reasons for that. Starting from that you are actually not filling any data into a temp table.