SSRS Report : Data moving to another page (Set to A4)

Hi Everyone,

Can you please help me with this report in D365.

I created a SSRS report and there are 15 fields in it. I went to Report properties and made it as A4 with global standard size 21 and 29.7 .

When I generate the report in PDF only first 8 fields are coming on first page and remaining are moving to 2nd page.

Could you kindly tell what is the problem with this.


It sounds like your design is simply too wide to fit into one page.

Yes Martin. When I tried to export the same in Word it is looking perfect. Not sure how it is adjusting accurately.

But when i export to PDF or doing print then it is moving half fields second page.

Can you guide me something.

Thanks for your reply.

Honestly I dont have much experience with SSRS. I got an idea of reducing font size then it think it will automatically.

Can you please tell some suggestions.

Thanks Martin, I adjusted the width of controls in report properties and it worked.

There are different types of renderers, some page-based (such as PDF) and some more-or-less ignoring pages (such as the HTML renderer). When you use a page-base renderer and the your content is wider than the page, it needs more than one page to show the content.

My answer is just information no solution. I experienced this as well, I escalated this issue to Microsoft AX team because both me and partner didn’t have idea why. The answer from Microsoft team was it’s bug in ssrs area, not ax so there was nothing they could do. And until now no answer from them. So yes [mention:7b5d47f9453f4f7aae5f899a684a7511:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] the only way to solve it is to redesign / resize its font.