SSRS Report contains no data


In a AX2012 R3 clustered environment with 3 AOS we have this Problem.

After reinstalling one of the AOS servers one SSRS Report is not printing any data when printed from this AOS.

Here the scenario

When Posting Project Invoices from the 3 AOS this happens:

AOS1 - Printing Invoice, Giro and custom report ok
AOS2 - Printing Invoice, Giro and custom report ok
AOS3 (New) Printing Invoice, Giro but custom report without data !

The Posting is not done in Batch.
The Printer has been installed on all 3 AOS.
The Custom report is not printed via Printmanagement.

Ï did check the Eventlog on the AOS and the Log files on the Reporting server without any hints to Problems.

Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to give.

Does the new AOS have the same kernel version as the others?

Hi Martin

Yes all 3 AOS have the same Kernel version.