SSRS Report calling mechanism from form

Hi All,

This is Vijay and recently have started working on SSRS reports.I have made some of the reports and now I want to call this report one from the main navigation area of account receivable that i have done by using menu item .

Also I want to show the same report from the tab on the form for which I want to show the report for the same Invoice Account which I have selected by just clicking the mouse button on the same invoice Account.

I mean to say is the report should get open for the same Invoice account which I have selected at that time …

Also I want to mention that I have use the rdp class as the data source in Ax 2012.

Can any body help me in this?


I hope I got it right… do you want to print the report for the selected (highlighted) record? Since you are using RDP classes, it is not a big issue, you just have to overwrite the prePromptModifyContract() method on the report controller class.

Here is an example of code for prePromptModifyContract() method which checks if there were any args passed through the menu item button (a datasource arg). And if there was a current buffer, then based on the record data the main query of the report will be modified - a new range for InvoiceAccount will be set up.

protected void prePromptModifyContract()
Query myQuery;
CustTable custTableBuffer;

if (this.parmArgs() &&
this.parmArgs().record() &&
this.parmArgs().dataset() == tableNum(CustTable))
custTableBuffer = this.parmArgs().record();

myQuery = this.parmReportContract().parmQueryContracts().lookup(this.getFirstQueryContractKey());
if (myQuery)
myQuery.dataSourceTable(tableNum(CustInvoiceJour)).addRange(fieldNum(CustInvoiceJour, InvoiceAccount)).value(custTableBuffer.AccountNum);


Don’t forget to choose the datasource to be passed on the menu item button.


Hi Janis,

Thank you for the reply .I will try your code but before that can you please tell me the difference between prerunmodifyContract() and the prePromptModifyContract() in detail and when to use any of these methods …

Thank you

I was a bit lazy to find the right words for the explanation of difference between two methods, so I found something usefull online to which I fully agree:

prePromptModifyContract: "Provides the ability to modify the report contract before a dialog box is displayed to the user. "

preRunModifyContract: "Changes the report contract before the report executes. " (already AFTER the possible user dialog interaction)