SSRS report adding unnecessary extra page at the end


I am creating an SSRS report with Kit field as a group by. Report is running successfully except for adding a blank additional page at the end.

I have a page footer that displays the data in every page.

if kit values are 1,2 then ssrs report is generating items with kit 1 on page 1 and items with kit 2 on page 2 and a blank page as third page.

Help me by letting me know which property will generate an additional page at the end.


Hi there. Try to delete some spaces between tablix, rectangle etc. It’s always help [emoticon:6d505171faa4497c85c5ca27290c555d]

Can you confirm if you have set the correct page size and all the controls within the page size range. It may happen due to extra width of the controls a new page is added.