SSRS - Non Local Admins Cannot View "Print Preview" for Report

I have googled high and low for a solution to this issue. This is a new installation in a test environment for eventually adding services to our AX environment. We are using AX 2009 and SQL Server 2008 R2 running on Server 2008 R2 in a single AD domain.

If a Domain User (the Domain Users group is in the Local Users group on the SQL server), launches AX and goes to:

  1. Professional Services Automation>Common Forms>Project Requests / Quotations

  2. Selects a “Request ID” and then clicks the upper right button “Quotations”

  3. In the Project Quotation window Overview tab, the quote is selected, click “Print Preview SOW”

  4. A blank ASP.NET server page window appears and then disappears.

  5. An Infolog window appears stating:

Info Message (10:08:35 am) Printing ‘Statement of Work’ for quotation Q006538.
Info Message (10:08:35 am) Creating temporary table(s).
Info Message (10:08:35 am) Printing report.
Error Message (10:08:35 am) Unable to print ‘Statement of Work’ for quotation Q006538.

The end result is that the user cannot preview the Quote or in other words the “Report” and therefore cannot print the Quote either.

If I put that user’s AD account in the Local Administrators group on the SQL server, then the user can preview the report and then print it. They don’t even have to log out and back into AX when I add them to the group.

My temporary work around until I get a fix is to add specific accounts to the Local Admin group on the SQL server for those who are doing the testing. Obviously for security reasons we cannot allow this in our production environment.

Roles and permissions appear to all be set correctly in Report Server management.

There must be some permission setting that is affecting this behavior, but which one is the question.

Thanks in advance for any help!