SSRS Extension class (Insert current record and Not by Pre and Post eventhandlers)

Hi Everyone,

Can you please answer this:

We can use Pre and Post eventHandlers on ProcessReport and update records in Temporray table.

Most of the blogs are explaining the same. (Example: )

Is there are way I can create extension of SSRS DP class and assign my newly created field with value. I am planning to insert my new field value along with currenr record insertion.

I created extension but unable to access temporary table variable.

My Problem shown in following screenshot:


The feature you’re using instead of the event handler is called Chain of Command (Coc).

Accessing the protected instance variable salesInvoiceTmp in extensions of SalesInvoiceDP class should be possible and it indeed works for me without problem. What exact problem (e.g. a compilation error) do you get? Which platform version are you running on?

Dear Martin,

Thanks for the fast reply. I am surprised you are able to access.

I am using little old version — > Installed platform version : Update12 (7.0.4709.41129)

Following is the error.

“The qualifer salesInviceTmp” is not valid in this context. Use a variable of type instead. "

I am getting following error.

I also tried to use this.SalesInvoiceTmp.Name = “Test”; but even that threw me error.

Thanks a lot

Dear Martin, Could you please tell some suggestion.

It’s not little old - it’s more than two years old and it stopped being supported more than a year ago. I’m currently using PU30.

You’re missing many features and bug fixes, therefore I strongly recommend upgrading to a more recent platform version and making sure you’re always running a supported one.

Thank you Martin.