SSRS deployment error: DrillThroughCommn.dll

I based my steps on
a. In AX, in the AOT, find the modified report (SSRS Reports > Reports > VendPurchReceivingLog_NAReport)
b. Right-click on the report and select Deploy Element
I get this error in the Infolog:
The process cannot access the file ‘\<path>\Microsoft SQL Server<…>\bin\DrillThroughCommon.dll’ because it is being used by another process.

And the infolog line just below that indicates an error deploying not only the DrillThroughCommon.dll, but also the report’s business logic (BL) dll.
Assembly names: VendPurchReceivingLog_NAReport.BL.dll, DrillThroughCommon.dll
Deployment status for assembly names: Error, Error

I used Process Explorer to see what processes are using DrillThroughCommon.dll. The only process using it is SSRS services. But if I stop the SSRS service, the deploy fails earlier on because the SSRS service is not running.
The deployment was cancelled because of an error. On the report server, verify that:
- The SQL Server Reporting Services service is running.

Any suggestions?

did u tried to restart to reporting services?? if no then it might worth it doing…

  1. restart reporting services

  2. save report

  3. build

  4. deploy (make sure that report s added to AOT)

note: make sure if ur collegue is not working on same report on which u r trying to deploy