SSRS Cheque Printing

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Please help me on printing cheque in ax 2012 ssrs. My requirement is i need to print invoices in top of the cheque and middle of the cheque as usual amount,recipient,date, address. Middle of the part is printing properly. But top of cheque only one invoice is printing. All invoices must be print in top of cheque.

I used classes are ChequeDp and Cheque Controller and tables are chequetmp and tmpchequeprintout. While using the chequeDp Class only one invoice is printing. I need to print all invoices.


pls suggest me


i finished the above post.

Hi Ali,

Please can you let us know how you managed to solve this issue? I am sure this will info will be of use to someone someday.

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Hi Harish,

Sorry for late reply. I am providing solution for above post .

There is mainly BankChequePrint, VendOutPaym_Cheque, ChequeController, CustVendCheque, ChequeDp Classes are involved.

We need to write code in CustVendCheque Class . In this Class there is a Output Method. In this method add the following code.

while select crosscompany


order by


where specTrans.SpecTableId == tableNum

(LedgerJournalTrans) &&

specTrans.SpecRecId == ledgerJournalTrans.RecId &&

specTrans.SpecCompany ==


vendTrans = specTrans.vendTrans();



chequeInvoicesTmp.Invoice = vendTrans.Invoice;

chequeInvoicesTmp.InvoiceDate = vendTrans.documentInvoiceDate();

chequeInvoicesTmp.AmountCur = VendInvoiceJour::findFromVendTrans(vendTrans.Invoice,vendTrans.TransDate,vendTrans.AccountNum).InvoiceAmount;

chequeInvoicesTmp.AmountPaid = specTrans.Balance01;

chequeInvoicesTmp.Discount = specTrans.getPossibleCashDiscAmount(ledgerJournalTrans.TransDate, VendPaymModeTable::discGraceDays(ledgerJournalTrans.PaymMode));

chequeInvoicesTmp.NetAmountPaid = chequeInvoicesTmp.AmountCur + chequeInvoicesTmp.Discount;

chequeInvoicesTmp.ChequeNum = ledgerJournalTrans.BankChequeNum;

chequeInvoicesTmp.SerialNumber =






We need to add same fields in ChequeDp and VendOutPaym_Cheque classes. VendOutPaymclass there is a method PrintDocument .In this method we need to add the same fields and design the report as per requirement in visual studio.



Thanx Ali, It helped me too. :slight_smile: