SSRS and EP Error

Hello all.

I have an issue to deal with.

I have 3 servers in a domain…One one i have an AOS Server ,on second i have an EP Server and on third i have reporting services installed…When i try to run a report on EP site , it throws a the following error.

  • An error occurred during client rendering.
    • An error has occurred during report processing. (rsProcessingAborted)
      • Only integrated security is supported for AX queries.

I have properly configured the reporting services but still i get the same.

Can anybody suggest me the solution for that ?

Its urgent…Immediate help will be appreciated.


Google finds quite a lot of forum and blog entries for the keywords “Only integrated security is supported for AX queries”.

It has also been discussed at least once on this forum:

Try deleting all reports and redeploy them again.

Also take a look in here:


Thanks for your reply and help.

But i have tried it twice in three days.but still i am with the same error.

Have you also tried chaning user rights for the report as well (as described in the second link) ?

I have provided full rights to the user from which i am logging in.