SRSReportView error id 2: cannot read information from the report server. is the report manager url correct?


When i generate pay slip report in AX 2009, it prompt

“SRSReportView error id 2: Cannot read information from the report server. Is the report manager URL correct?”. Pls need suggestion ASAP

Thank in advance

Hi You have install and deploy the ssrs reports? On Ax 2009 standard reports use morphx internal report builder. The ssrs reports require SQL server reporting services. Regards


Thanks. Now that problem is solved. after solved, when i open the report it asking login credential. then i change the crednetial window integrated security in data sources in SSRS. After that If i generate the report in SSRS Eg: http\xxx:80\reports its working fine but in AX it asking login credential(remain same without changes)

My question is how to reflect the changes the to dynamics also?

Thanks. pls reply ASAP