SQL vs Locking


with SQL there should be the possibility of record-locking and not table-locking, as it is with the native DB. If this is correct, have I to write codes to activate record locking and is the problem, when you post many invoices that the systerm goes down, solved?


This is a hard one to answer.

Basicaly yes, SQL allows you to use record level locking, but running Navision on sql is not that easy. It can be for small environments but when you have a larger database with more users you need to tune your database most of the time.

When considering moving to SQL there are many things to keep in mind.

What version are you running on currently? Whar are the most important processes? How big is your database, how many users do you have?

You also need to keep in mind that for the same performance on SQL that you have with Native you need much more hardware.