SQL view in Navision Attain

Hi, I am using navision for SQL option at this moment. Database is SQL2K and Navision version is 3.0 (navision attain). I have a question as follows: I can create view in SQL server for extracting data from table as I wanted. Is any similar functionality in Navision Attain? If there is no such function in attain, can I use SQL server view in Navision Attain? Thank you!

You can use a SQL View from Financials (I am using 2.60D and SQL 7.0). All you need to do is create the SQL view and name it $ (example [Cronus ltd$My view]). After that you create a Financials table with fields using the same names as the columns in the view, and finaly save the table with the same name as the View (in the example “My view”, Financials adds the company name), and you will get a message that indicates that there is a Table/View with that name in the DataBase, you must answer that you want to mantain this table/view. Hope this helps. Regards Jesús Soage

In Attain there is a new property on the table called LinkedObject. You must also set this to Yes

thank you for suggestion. I will try this tommorrow.

The LinkedObject table property controls the link between the Attain table description and the view or table object in SQL Server. You must still ensure the names are correct, including company prefix if per-company, as the previous post states, but you will not be prompted to link to the view as in NF 2.x. If you set the LinkedObject to Yes and the names match, Attain will make the link silently. An additional property, LinkedInTransaction is available when LinkedObject is Yes. Use this if the view points to objects outside the current database, e.g. on SQL Server Linked Servers, but these will not be under transaction control. See the Application Designers Guide for info about these properties.