SQL Srv Enterprise Manager in comb. with Attain

When other users are using Navision 3.01b(SQL), Enterprise Manager has problems looking in Management/Current Activity. We think it has to do with locking of system-tables of SQL like sysxlogins or syslocks. Can someone help us? Jos van de Werken Weha Automatisering b.v. The Netherlands jvdwerken@inter.nl.net

I use sp_who and sp_lock from Query Analyser instead. sp_who always runs without problems, but I do get problems with sp_lock occasionally, maybe because of locks. Kristinn

In Query Analyzer try issuing the statement: SET TRANSACTION ISOLATION LEVEL READ UNCOMMITTED before inspecting any objects that may be locked by other sessions. sp_lock may produce a huge result of locks held; if your are using a grid output you will not see any results until all results have been prepared, which could be a long time. If you use a text output you will get result streamed immediately. This could be the reason for what looks like blocking. In EM it is not possible, to my knowledge, to change the isolation level used in its features, so if it is blocked (i.e. waiting for a lock) when attempting to display information there is nothing to be done. (?) System tables such as sysprocesses and syslockinfo should not cause blocking because they are virtual tables and are not subject to normal lock resources, which sysobjects or syslogins do for example.