SQL Server & Navision 2.01

Good afternoon,

I´m still working with Navision Financials 2.01 in the company.

I haven´t experience to desing in C/SIDE, but I do need to extract data from this Nav 2.01

I think to connect the Navision´s Database in a SQL Server via ODBC. I´ve tried to use the Linked Server but I couldn´t have success.

I would like to know if is possible to connect this database with a SQL Server or if exists any other way.

The ODBC version is:

Thanks a lot.

Juliano Ferro.

Hi Juliano,

I haven’t tried this my self, but i don’t see why it shouldn’t be possible.

If the ODBC version you say you have, is the one that came with the installation CD (floppy disks), then it’s the correct one for accessing the DB.

What exactly is the problem you encounter?
You only say you have no success.
And if that’s the only info i have, then i can’t give you a better advice than to “change something” (and i think you already came to that conclusion your self)

Do you get any error messages when trying to connect/query the DB?
Are you having problems creating the connection it self?

Hi Alexander,

You´re right… following details about the problem!

Yes, the ODBC I´m using came with the installation CD. I can connect and retrieve data via ODBC using MS Query or Excel.

As I said I need to do this connection by SQL Server, then I have tried…

In the SQL Server 2005 I configurate a Linked Server:

Provider: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers

Product Name: MSDASQL

Data Source: Navision-Juliano (the ODBC connection to my database)

I don´t receive any message when creates this.

In a new query I do: “select * from NAVISION…Cliente” (the system language is Spanish. Cliente = table Customer)

Then I receive the message error:

OLE DB provider “MSDASQL” for linked server “NAVISION” returned message “[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Nome da fonte de dados não encontrado e nenhum driver padrão especificado”.

Msg 7303, Level 16, State 1, Line 1

Cannot initialize the data source object of OLE DB provider “MSDASQL” for linked server “NAVISION”.

I don´t know if the Linked Server is the best way to do this. There is another option?

There is the possibility the ODBC Driver to be so old that haven´t the capacity to do this connection?

I attached a document with the screens I describe you.



8836.Nav2-01.doc (213 KB)

Hi Juliano,

Ehhhh, can you retrieve data through ms query, using that driver?
I would expect the provider to have been Navision A/S (or something like that), since 2.01 was released way before MS purchased Navision.

I can’t remember exactly what the driver was called, but i’m pretty sure the name at least contains Navision Financials

Whether or not linked servers are the best solution, i think other people are better suited to comment on.


This mean that I will have to install something in SQL Server to have this “Navision A/S” in my list provider ?

Thank´s again.


The ODBC-driver for the native DB is provided with the installation CD.
And since 2.01 doesn’t support SQL-DB, you’re for sure on a native DB.
It must be installed on the “client”, which in this case is your SQL-server.