SQL SERVER 2005 with Navision


Please if you have implemented SQL server 2005 with Navision verision 4 , can you advise me if I go and implement SQL server 2005 .

What kind of Problems sre you facing with SQL server 2005 .

What are the advantages of having SQL server 2005.

thank you

Jouhayna Zeidan

I had to implent it for a client yesterday. I had the latest hotfix from MS. buil 22979. There is a newer build but you have to ask for MS. Everything worked fine. The only issue was you couldn’t synchronize everybody. You had to synch One user at a time. So security setup is the only issue I’ve ran into.

Also SP3 is comming out next month so maybe they will fix this issue.

We are currently working with a customer on a technical upgrade (3.60 DB) to SQL 2005. They have been running a test system for about 2 months. We have been through a few client versions and are currently on build 23099. This was give to us by Microsoft to resolve issues with syncing security and also to attempt to address a performance issue. The performance issue is being look at by an escalation engineer.

For info on this issue see: http://www.mibuso.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=13154&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0

Overall things seem to be good. Most of the issues we have dealt with are the usual performance issues with Navision SQL. Changing the use of keys and tweaking SiftIndexes. Also implementing the newer commands.

Thank for babrown and ara3n .

Waiting also for more comments and experience .

Please any one have any experience or result or comment in this issue , don’t hesitate to write .

Please Remember that we are using Navision version 4 .

soonly we will shift to Navision 4.1 at th eend of year.

thank you


I am about to make the step up to SQL2005. Current version is SQL2000 NavDB = 3.70, NAV Client = 4.02.23099.

Will post my experience in this user group. I start my testing tomorrow - to end of next week.


My experience on Navision v4(SP1) and SQL 2005 server is slitly on the negative side… Features like e.g. Navision Notification does no longer work and users needs to be dbowners to connect by Windows authentication(or you can make some other workarounds…). If you hold on until SP3 is released then many of the issues conserning SQL2005 is supposed to be solved.

Can’t think of any advantages on running sql 2005 until NAV v 5.0 is released…



So far I am still on my DEV environment SQL2005.

Navision functionality seems to be running as it was on 2000. (But I am not using Notifications).

On lists of big tables the client crashes and I understand this is a SQL 2005 issue and not Navision but I have no fix for this yet. I assume Microsoft has a hotfix of some sort.

The biggest problem I have so far is that the Windows Login has to be sysadmin to be able to log into Navision, if this remains the case then I will be forced to stay with SQL 2000.

Other than that there no noticable difference in performance, although 2005 is supposed to have better memory usage and data reading.

Hi Nicholas ,

The biggest problem I have so far is that the Windows Login has to be sysadmin to be able to log into Navision, if this remains the case then I will be forced to stay with SQL 2000.

Are you using windows authentication ? and do you mean we have to create all users as sysadmin if we are using Windows authentication ? Did you try SQL Authentication

Hi ara3n ,

Every thing still going well with you … it seem s well … what version of navision are you using …

Are you using SQL Authentication or windows authentication …?

Hi Dina ,

This a big question … shall wait until SP3 … also Microsoft must have anything to solve your problem due to notification … Please Dina if you solve your problem due to notification , don’t hesitate to post the solution … in future wise we are planning to implement it .

Thank you all …

Windows Logins = Windows Authentication. Database Logins = SQL Authentication.

I think that by restoring a SQL bak file from 2000 to 2005 might be my problem .I am going to try doing FBK and create new database on 2005. Hopefully this will fix the problem. I tried this with a Cronus db with success.

What build are you on? Build 23099 resolved the Windows Authentication issues for us.


hi nicloas ,

Thank you for the information .

hoping to your problem to be solved soon .