SQL Replication

Also a FYI… It is possible to get Navision working with SQL Transactional Replication under SQL 2000. The timestamp field used to be the problem, but if you switch the Replication to Queue Update, Timestamp Field will stay as Timestamp Field. Both normal Navision Client and CFront apps work just Fine. A couple catches: 1) You can’t update the replicated db (at least, I haven’t figure out how yet) 2) Company Name must not contain Space or other Special chars. You will hit a bug from the Replication Engine. Under Queued Update, SQL server must create Command SPs and Replication Engine will error out when it tries to call these SPs with spaces. They forgot to put a Bracket over them. And it is a known bug since 2003 and won’t be fixed until SQL 2005. To do Queued Update, just check the Advance Option checkbox in the Replication setup wizard.