SQL Queries traduction

H developers,

  • on a NAV native DB you can do queries with the NODBC and select the language to query: for example you can query in spanish the table “Sales Header” as “Cab. venta”

  • we have migrated to SQL but applications we used before querying “Cab. venta” can’t reach the table because now it doesn’t exist, it only exists CompanyName$Sales_Header

How can we solve this to query SQL on spanish?

No cure for this… [:(] Table names in SQL are in English.

Moreover, you must add this “CompanyName$” and change it as needed, then, if you have noticed, in SQL (.) dots are substituted with (_) underscore.

Good programming practice with Navision is always use English, even for your custom Table, Form, variable etc etc names, plus following the patterns used in standard part.
This has its reasons:

  • upgrade is more painless, as special characters in names can cause HUGE problems;
  • code is more readable for other Navision programmers
  • if you suddenly wish to make from your custom development an Add-On - it MUST be in EN, following even more strict rules in coding (and layouts).

Besides, in more than 20 years in this business (not only Navision, but IT as such), I’ve never seen a programmer using any other language, despite his own nationality or country of residence (in your case - Spanish is as widespread language as Enghlish - but in what language do Spanish programmers work? [;)])

Thanks Modris,

I agree on programming in english, despite of your country, I really try to use this rule, even if other programmers prefers spanish. This case is particular because the customer’s developments were of other partner and it was all (name tables, forms, queries…) in spanish :frowning:

I get your “best practices”.
Best regards :slight_smile: