SQL Property TransactionType

Why is not any of Navision standard reports having property TransactionType set for anything else then default value ? It must be a performance problem to not use a better SQL transaction type. At least “Report” property should be selected on must common reports. Any one having a good explanation? Per.Bay@navigera.com Product Manager www.navigera.com Edited by - per bay on 2001 Nov 28 09:14:20

This is because UpdateNoLocks is the most flexible, since it allows modifications in the report without you having to change this property, whereas the Report type does not. You can freely change the type to Report if no modifications will be made, and the locking performed will be the same as for UpdateNoLocks; meaning none.

Thanks for your response. I got the result that a report changed from UpdateNoLocks to Browse was performed in a couple of minutes (2-3) instead of at least 10 minutes. The report was filtering on a no keyed field. It’s seemed to be a better selection for report that not modify any data, and give better performance. Per.Bay@navigera.com Product Manager www.navigera.com

From 3.01A you should not see a difference in performance, i.e. the Browse performance you are seeing will also apply for UpdateNoLocks. What program version are you using, including service packs?


Originally posted by robertc: What program version are you using, including service packs?

2.60.E Per.Bay@navigera.com Product Manager www.navigera.com