SQL Migration Problems...

Hi All, I am having some difficulty converting a Navision 3.70 proprietry database to SQL. The problem is that some way in the past special characters (like ä, à, Ý, ó, Ü) was being imported into Navision from an old mainframe system. When trying to restore data into the newly created SQL DB, Navision gives and error stating that the table contains a value in a Code field that cannot be used with MBS Navision. This is all cool, but to clean-out the date, by going through all Code fields in a 160Gb database will take approximately a week to complete. Another issue is that my client cannot afford being offline more than 5 hours due to 24hr operations. I have tried to script the created Navision Database in SQL and then change all char fields with nchar and varchar with nvarchar. When trying to access Navision again, an error comes up saying that Navision couldn’t find any MBS Navision objects in the SQL db. This error is understandable due to the fact that you only have the option to use SQL Data Type varchar,integer and Variant through Navision. Does anybody has any ideas on what I could try next? Any help will be much appreciated. Regards, Rico van Zyl

Firstly it would help if you posted the code that you are having the developemnt issue with. I can’t see what the developemtn issue here is, but I think you need to work a solution that will allow you to do the data fixing in the C/Side database BEFORE you atempt to do the SQL conversion. Are you sure it isn’t just a Code page mismatch?

Which COLLATION do you use for the SQL Server?

Yeah, collation, not code page, sorry.

Thanks people for all the input! I found the problem’s solution…COLLATION PAGES! It was set to 437 instead of Wester-Earopean …850.