SQL Locking

Hello, I’m trying to better understand how Navision handles Table / Record Locking under SQL Server. From other posts I have read it seems that the TABLELOCK command only changes the way Navision handles locking under SQL Server and does not actually lock the table (except under certain circumstances where a bulk INSERT is needed). We have a client using 3.7 with SQL Server that batch posts 2000 - 3000 sales orders daily causing other users who are posting Customer related entries to slow to a crawl, however they don’t get the “Deadlocked” message box. 3 questions: 1. Am I correct about the way Navision handles table locking with SQL Server? (and if so what does Navision do differently when it sees the TABLELOCK command with SQL Server as opposed to native DB?) 2. Does the Report 296 - “Batch Post Sales Invoices” cause a bulk INSERT (I assume that it does) and if so is there a way to force record level locking with SQL? 3. Can a GET or FIND on a table without an explicit LOCKTABLE cause the deadlock problem I have read about where the tables are locked in a different order in code, and could this be our problem even though we aren’t getting the “Deadlocked” error message? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, Thanks. Brian.

Sorry, I hope that all know I meant a LOCKTABLE and not a TABLELOCK command. It’s monday. Brian.