SQL Error on table 2000000076 Web Service when upgrading to NAV2017

Hi there!

I’m busy upgrading a NAV2016 database to NAV2017. I’ve prepared the source database, deleted all objects except tables and I now want to open it in a NAV2017 client (running in administrator mode).

I’ve read in the upgrade instructions by Microsoft that any modifications to system tables will automatically be removed. As you can already guess, we indeed have some system tables that have been modified. So I know I have to go back to the drawing board making sure that these modifications will be relocated to our own object range. But for now, I don’t mind losing them in the process of the upgrade. FYI: field 50000 Add. Description was added to table 2000000076 Web Service in nav2016.

When I open the database in the nav2017 dev environment, I get the following error:

5074,“42000”,[Microsoft][Sql Server Native Client 11.0][Sql Server] The object $nodedefault1354539959$50000 is dependent on column ‘Add. Description’.
4922,“42000”,[Microsoft][Sql Server Native Client 11.0][Sql Server] ALTER TABLE DROP COLUMN Add. Description Failed because one or more objects access this column.


ALTER TABLE [Conversion2017].[dbo].[Web Service] DROP COLUMN [Add. Description]

I now can’t get rid of that field! I thougt, removing the field in advance in a NAV2016 development environment would do the trick. But I get the same error (for any three of the options for Synchronize Schema). Even importing a fob with a fresh set of untouched system tables from a NAV2016 Cronus gives the same error…

Does anyone has a clue what to do now?

Thanks in advance!

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Richard Roland

Solved it. In SQL Server Management Studio I removed the constraint that was apparently present for that field. The database then opened nicely in NAV2017 development environment.