SQL databases reference calls

Hi, Could someone please point me in the right direction, I am trying to access table data within database1 from database2 in Navision 3.60 SQL, I have the same tables within both databases and would like to be able to read data entered in the first database by the second database, is this possible and if so what naming conventions would I require to adhere to and how do I access this data via the second database? ie. Something like cross referencing between two databases. Any suggestions would help. Thanks plenty. Yoong

It is not possible. You can access data only between companies in one database. But may be using special written ActiveX or something like that you will have a solution. Depends on your needs

You can achieve it using the LinkedObject and LinkedInTransaction properties of a Navision table. You can find information about this in the Application Designers Guide. They allow you to access: 1. Non-navision Tables or views in the same databases, 2. Tables or Views on a different server, 3. Tables or Views on different databases of the same server. Although in SQL Server terms point 3 is very much easier than 2, since Linked Servers are not required for this, in Navision terms it amounts to the same thing because of login and security implications. For any scenario other than 1, you need to set up a Linked Server object. This is a SQL concept. Along with the Linked Server are logins that allow you to access the second server or second database. You then create a View using the linked server,database and target object you wish to use from the first database. Because you are spanning servers, and distributed transaction are not supported in Navision, the LinkedInTransaction property must be set to no. This means that all reads and modifications are done on a separate connection when accessing the view into the linked server/database.

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