SQL 2005 permission problem

afternoon everyone,

I’m struggling with an annoying problem…hope you can help.

NAV 4.0 SP3, running on new SQL 2005 installation. Everything seems okay, apart from a permissions error, when looking up into a customised field on the sales header form. The user gets the error “you do not have permission to read the (customised) table”.

The error does not occur when using the partner license, but does occur when using their own license. Which immediately makes you think it must be a license problem.

The object number is table 50028, but this is specified on the client license, with appropriate rights.

There is also a permission set against the sales header, to specify read access to this bespoke table.

I am running out of ideas. Any suggestions?

thanks all

Does the user have permission to this table?

Yes, they have full access.

After customization (creating this table)…did you synchronize the users?

no. I havent, but i will try this.

thanks for your help all. problem fixed.

the problem was with an old license file being applied, not the current one. The old license file did not have this object number assigned…