SQL-2000 SP3

I am planning to implement SQL-2000 SP3 on a Financials 2.6. I would appreciate any comments before proceeding. Thanks in advance, Jesús Soage

SQL 2000 SP3 works fine on all the installations where i have implementet it.

If you are just about to start implementation, then I would recommending using a lter version of the Executables, with your 2.60 database. 3.10 is very stable these days, or go directly for 3.70.

I recommend installing the SQL Server 2000 SP3a service pack since it fixes some regressed bugs in SP3. With the clients - you should make sure that MDAC 2.7 SP1a is installed on your clients (or 2.8). This fixed a memory leak in the SQL Server ODBC driver. Check your sqlsrv32.dll version stamp using the ‘ODBC Data Sources’ Administrator Tool. It should be at least 2000.81.9031.14.

Hi, If Database size is increasing, SQL always preffers also in future hope only SQL will remain bye