Splitting text

Hi, I was wondering if anybody faced the following problem. I have a table form and one of the fields is a text field. The user can paste data in this field, but sometimes, the lenght of the pasted text exeeds the length of the field. What I would like in this case is the text to be splitted over several lines in my table. any idea’s ?

Hi Francis, have a look at the Comments for example of Customers. If you set the Property “AutoEnter” of the Textbox in the Tablebox to Yes, typing a Text with more signs will be splitted automatically at the end of the lines over several lines. Attention: You have to care for the right primary key! Greetings, Frank

Hi Frank, thanks for the reply. THis works if you are typing, but not when you paste some text in the field. Francis

Francis, There is a download at http://www.mynavision.net/download which uses an OCX control which should do what you want. It’s called ActiveEditor. Hope this helps.

Hi Francis, There are some extern Editors (OCX) which can be used to solve such a problem. I think there is one in the Download-section here called “Active Editor”. Greetings, Frank