Specify Return Action - PO Returned Order Type

Hopefully, this is an easy question for someone.

I’m testing a Return to Vendor on a Purchase Order of a Returned Order Type.

The PO Returned Order has two lines with a quantity of -3 for each line.

When I go to PO the Product Receipt, I get an Infolog with references to the PO and first line item. Next, there is a yellow triangle message: Specify Return Action and below that there is a red circle icon with a white X that says: Update has been cancelled.

How do I resolve this?


Other Information:

  • Inventory Item includes tracking by Batch Number.
  • Inventory Registration is enabled in the Item Model Group
  • In PO Header, values exist in form fields for Reason, Reason Comment
  • Both Items have been picked for the Return in the form for Posting Product Receipt. Batch numbers and other Inventory dimensions were specified.
  • On lines tab in form for Posting Product Receipt, values exist in form fields for Reason, Reason comment
  • No requirements exist for automatic Quarantine/Quality orders

Thanks in advance

On the line of the order go to the line details and setup tab, define the return action.

There it is right in front of me on the Line Details for the Purchase Order. Thanks.


Kindly help me when i enter return action in line detail it disappears when saved and error still exist

Are you trying to modify the return action on the line? The error message say that you are trying to post some thing.
Do you receive this error while posting? If so what posting are you doing?

Thanks Kranthi
i have return sale order from one company and all the steps are completed till invoice while in other company purchase order return i am facing this error while posting product receipt

The error means that the return action is not specified on the return purchase order line. it should have happened while the purchase order is created.

now how to resolve this issue. now i am unable to specify return action on line detail

Please have a Developer to update it for this case, but you should identify why the issue is happening.