Special prices for the customer

Hi All

we have one special customer for whom we have special price as we are selling the item on the margin of 10% of the cost. Now i want to configure a setup like whenever this customer is choossen for creating the sales order. this prices(10% margin) will call.

can u tell me the set how can set this. please tell me the step procedure if possible. This to be applied for all the items.


This functionality does not exist as standard to base a selling price automatically on a 10% margin. You can set this by item, but not by customer. Part of teh issue is the continual moving nature of the sales price based upon a moving cost, which is why it is item based. You could set this on the item and set every other customer in a price group that does not get this and the customer you want get the base item price which is 10% margin.

That mean on item i have to define but i have the same item for each customer, if the price are same for all that i can achieve from the misc percent option on the item master .

Can u explain me in procedure mean steps that i have to follow in AX to achieve the above task.


Well considering I said you could not really that is difficult. However set the contribution ratio on the item record to get the 10% mark up. Then in the trade agreements attach every customer to a group except the one you want to get the price, then for the item assign a price to every group. This leaves the one customer to get the calculated price from the item card.

If we have more than one customer then how can we implement that, mean like two customers are there on which 10 % and on another 5% margin is to select.

You need to modify it to achieve percent markups to the sales price from a base cost for a % based increase that differs across multiple customers.

Thanks Adam

can u explain me little bit more and the procedure. As through the stepwise process i will get more clearity and i can easily understands it.


Well it is a modification, so you sit with the client, look at all of the requirements and then design a solution to resolve it.

the client requirement is just they have two client on which they want the sales price of 10% margin and on one they want 5 % and on rest they have the same.

It is still a modification, the suggestion worked ONLY by excluding everyone except the one customer wanting 10%, now you introduce another you make the suggestion obsolete and now it is a modification.

@ ADam, no no i havent made it obsolete, actually earlier the client have only one customer like this but now they have one more, that is why i asked you. Suggest me how can i implement this in the AX.


here i found one option, that is, in Accounts Recevables/setup/price-discount/customer price-discount group here i can define the group and under trade aggrement i will select the sales price and import the whole item master with the prices(10% increased). and attached that group to the customer.

Yes but that does not satisfy your original needs - 10% + cost, you are assuming you cost never moves, or perhaps I assumed it did. If it does your margin is no longer 10% which should become a big issue for your client.