Special Orders - How to Break Link between Purchase and Sales Order.

Hi All,

I have 2 special orders which have been created the standard way by flagging the Sales Order as a Special Order and using the Requisition Worksheet to get the Purchase Orders.This has been done in the NAV 2009 RTC.

The issue is that these have been done incorrectly, and I need to break the links between the Sales and Purchase Orders to redo the process.

Can anyone tell me how to do this please? I am coming up with nothing on Google and on the search here too.

Hope someone can help. Many thanks.


You need to change it from back end in

Purchase line table.

Special Order No

Special Order Sales No.

Special Order Sales Line No

Sales line table

Field Value

Special Order No

Special Order Purchase No.

Special Order Purch. Line No

Thanks Amol, really appreciate the answer.

Is this the only way to do it? Through the tables? There is no way to do it through the standard client at all?

Just an edit - I have looked in the Purchase Line Table and can only find the following fields:

Special Order - which is a yes or no.

Special Order Sales No.

Special Order Sales Line No.

Is the Special Order field the same as the first field you mention?


Hi Amol,

Just before I verify the answer, please can you check the edit I made to my post regarding the fields I am seeing in the Purchase Line Table, as I am not seeing the same ones you are listing - unless my table is modified.

Many thanks.

Yes special order is same field

Thanks Amol.