Special Characters

Hi All, I’m sure there will be a very quick solution to this. I want to be able to specify ‘Metres Cubed’ and ‘Metre Squared’ with the Cubed and Squared as raised numbers to the right of ‘M’ for Units of Measure within Navision. Is there a special character that I can use. Cheers

Well, on a “german” Keyboard one have to press ALT GR & 2 for ² (Char 147) and ALT GR + 3 for ³ (Char 148) … this works also for Code or Text-Fields. Regards, Jörg

Thanks Jorg, Not quite the same key strokes but you got me onto the right lines. For everybodys’ information, on a UK Keyboard the keystrokes are ALT 0178 for the ² sign and ALT 0179 for the ³ sign Tip: Use the number keys on the number keypad not the numbers across the top of the keyboard. Also just for everyones information. Even though I could specify the new symbols in Navision I had trouble with the ³ sign being seen across the network. Some users, once they had exited Navision and re-entered, saw the ~ sign instead. No problems with the ² sign though, a little weird. Cheers