Special characters change after export

Special characters change after export Navision field value : Coördinator After exporting (by dataport) the value to a txt file de value is changed into Txt field value : Co”rdinator. How can I prevent this?

The reason for this is that Navision is using ASCII (or kind of) internally. It mainly depends on what you are planning to do with the data after you exported it. When you want to import into another Navision DB, then it does not matter. If you want to open it in any other program and this program supports DOS-Text, it does not matter either. The only option to work around this is to convert ASCII-ANSI for each text/code field in the OnBeforeExportRecord trigger

Goes a few years back … but … I think I fixed this by changing the codepage of my machine to match the STX language. Hope that helps too! -john