Speces in field names

I’m trying to select data from a table in Navision Financials which has a space in its name. I’ve got the ODBC driver installed, and Easysoft’s ODBC bridge. I’m writing a Java app to update the database. I can select from tables with no spaces OK. I’ve tried '`[ with no luck. Any help would be much appreciated.

From own experience I can assure you that accessing the Navision database (both natice and SQL) through the Easysoft JDBC-ODBC Bridge works very well. You should enclose a table/field name within square brackets ( [ ] ) if there are spaces. It’s fairly easy to test the correct syntax. With the Easysoft install, you’ve got a demo program (java applet) which can be used to make a connection to the Navision database (first test), retrieve the table names (second test) and retrieve all fields from the selected table (third test). Also you can type (copy/paste) your own queries, allowing you to see which syntax works and which not. Otherwise, post your query here to allow us to have a closer look. John