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This question might have been asked already, but I can’t seem to find anything in the forum on it (I must be using the wrong search criteria):

Does anyone know of a way to do ‘source control’ in Axapta? Source Safe? CVS? anything? If it were a free application, that would be best, but if not, if anyone knows of ANY way to do source control, I would be indebted to that person.

We have 9 programmers and we keep stepping on each others toes - badly – I just lost 3 days worth of work - anyone know how to do this better?

thanks in advance,

Hello, Skender.

I guess you are using Axapta version 3.0, because Source Safe is fully integrated in DAX 4.0.

For Axapta 3.0, apart for the poor embedded functionality of blocking objects, you can use a couple of tools.

Here is one on AxaptaPedia: (it’s down at the moment, because the admin is on vacation, but here is a paje from Google’s cache)

The real page link is:

Also, here is a tool you will have to pay for:

Good luck!


Hi Skender,

You mentioned Axapta so I assume source safe won’t be an immediate option as it is fully integrated with AX 4.0

A couple of developers I work with noticed this problem among their own projects as well as with some of their clients. It was a common occurance and that is why they took it upon themselves to develop their own tool to control and document their code.

Here’s the link:

If you need more information you can PM or email me.

Good Luck,