Sorting report

Hi All

I am creating new report in ax 2009. I have created Query. Under the DataSource node I added a table as data source.

The problem is that the ‘sorting’ is not available under it. And also data source table property ‘OrderMode’ is not present.

How to get it, please help.




2 possible solutions:

  • recreate your report with the report wizard (under tools/development tools/wizards/Report wizards) there’s a step where you can specify sort order)

  • in the datasource methods of the report, you can add a init method with something like this: this.query().dataSourceNo(1).addOrderByField(fieldnum(yourTable, YourField),sortOrder::Ascending);

hope it helps.


Hi Nitish,

Sorting is always available in report datasource node . otherwise sorting can be done by code aswell .

Hi Thomas

Thanks for help.

I understood it.