sorting location in create pick

I’m facing the following problem: when I run “Create Pick” code unit from “Pick Worksheet” if I have the same item in two different location called for example A0001 and A0014 Navision suggests me first the location A0014 because follows a descending alphabetical order. By me it wolud be more useful following an ascending alphabetical order and the location I expected it was suggest me was A0001.
Do you know why?


Hi Chistiano

You can change this behavior by ranking your bins. Navision picks from the bin with the highest ranking first (I also find it a bit odd that Navision uses descending order to pick when the bins have the same ranking).

To solve you problem go to Administration → Application Setup → Warehouse → Locations → Locations (bottom) → Bins. Show the hidden field and change for A0001 to a higher value than A0014.



Hi Claus,

first of all I want to thank you for answering me.

I knew “Bin Ranking” functionality, but I’m not really convenced in using it. Think of a very complex warehouse where I have many shelfs with many levels and bins. Is difficult for me to fix a single ranking number for each location in order to define an optimized route. I would have preferred an ascending alphabetical order in “create pick” and codify my location taking care of route. Do you agree?

Hi Clorenzon

I am getting a bit confused when you write location. I original thought you meant bin when you said location but do you actual mean a Location in Navision?



sorry Claus for creating a misunderstanding: I’m speaking about bins

OK, I thought as much.

Anyway I am not a warehouse expert but I can understand you find the ascending order odd. The technical reason for this is that Navision uses a FIND.(‘-’) to find the bin in C7312, function FindPickBin and the records need to be sorted ascending to find the record with the highest .

Why is it difficult for you to rank your bins in opposite order of the Bin Code sorting (just start with a high number and decrease with 10 in case you need to create new bins later)?

I think the best solution for you would be to rank your bin even thought this is a big task in a big warehouse.



ok, I understand your point of view…another solution could be to customize the sorting method changing from descending to ascending

Yes, you could do that. Just remember that it would also change the way works.



Another approach is to modify the bin table to include a pick sequence and then alter the picks to print in this order. In other words although you have aisles A-Z with levels and positions the pick sequence is numerical to define the route - so you go to A1, then B1, which is opposite, and not A2. I am aware we have altered the system in this manner when integrating with HHT’s. It is an option you may want to consider.

If you really want to change the sort Seqence I’ve just open Create Pick CU and found the following code:

Bearing in mind the warning Claus has given you, and the fact I am not a warehousing master either, if you really want to try it. Then create a test database, and change the code to the following :-

I am in no way saying this is going to resolve your issue, I’ve only spent 5 mins looking at it. But you can always try it in a TEST system, I am giving no warranty on this!

If its looking to break Bulk Bins down as well there is another function you may want to look at in the CU.


thanks to everybody: the solution that Tony has suggest me about customization is exacltly what I’ve done. It seems to fit. The reason why I’ve opened this case on support was to understand why this CU have been developed with “ASCENDING(FALSE)” instead of “ASCENDING(TRUE)”. It seems that is a precise intention of the developer to define a descending order taht for me is since now still a mistery!