Sorting and creating special reports

Experts, I am running into a small speed bump. I am trying to pull a report that will show mw how many units were sold and how many were free. What I want is a total per cost center by either month or quarter. Is it possible?

Can you be a little bit more precise in what your report should show?

No problem, what I want to do is to be able to pull all the sales associated with a specific cost center for a specific time period. For example, if I wanted to look how many sales orders went out associated with marketing for the month of January, how can I pull that information without going through all the posted orders.

To talk in NAV notation:

You want to create a report for all sales invoices and credit memos with a specific dimension for a spcific period to see the total amount?

How do you define “marketing” in association with sales orders?

Maybe I am not explaining it right. What I want to be able to pull is a by cost center (marketing, sales, admin, etc.) sales or posted documents for a specific period. Lets say I process 20 orders in April, I want to know how many belong to each center. I am still trying to articulate this right.

Hmmm, how do you define “cost center” which field in the sales order or sales invoice contains this information?